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Hospitality businesses can be complex structures because they combine major elements of an operating business with buildings and real estate on the one hand and brand identification on the other. They are expensive to develop, expensive to operate, and are people-dependent given that customer service is the key driver to success. Disputes within this industry frequently benefit from the perceptions and insights of experts who maintain deep knowledge concerning practices, expectations, and protocols. These experts can not only add credibility in a hospitality legal dispute, but they can “cut to the chase” and save the litigation team time and money.

AP Hospitality

Scottsdale, Arizona

Hotel/Lodging Expert Witness & Consulting

Phone (480) 331-2553

AP Hospitality can litigate both for and against individual litigants, hotel properties, franchisors, owners and operators. Their associates are skilled at research and developing recommendation for discovery, deposition questioning, mediation negotiations and providing expert testimony in...

Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, LLC

Porter Ranch, California

Forensic Audit Services

Phone (818) 836-1291

Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, LLC (BCCP) is a full-service consulting and training firm that specializes in providing customized global solutions to the financial services industry. BCCP is also actively engaged in global financial sector modernization, private sector development, and...

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