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Wyatt Partners, LLC

Wyatt Partners, LLC

New Jersey - Serving: All States

Phone (908) 561-7483

Legal Fee Expert Witness and Consultant

Wyatt Partners, LLC is a team of corporate, legal, and financial professionals. The company's primary focus is our Legal Fee Practice program – a program we have developed aimed at the evaluation and control of legal fees and expenses, the analysis/audit of legal bills, and the providing of expert testimony on the...

Sterling Analytics Group

Woodbury, New York

Legal Fee Expert Witness

Phone (646) 863-9433

Sterling Analytics Group is a legal fee expert services and consulting firm that works with companies to help reduce their legal costs. Our team of trained analysts performs legal audits on legal billings in an effort to reduce legal fees and expenses. Our expert services provide assistance in the...

Accountability Services, Inc.

Manhattan, New York

Attorney Fees Expert Witness

Phone (212) 245-0245

Since 1991, I have reviewed over a billion dollars in legal fees and have testified nationwide in jury trials, bench trials and arbitrations. I have written and spoken extensively about the ethical and practical implications of legal billing.

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