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Wyatt Partners, LLC

Wyatt Partners, LLC
New Jersey - Serving: All States

Phone (908) 561-7483

Legal Fee Expert Witness and Consultant

Wyatt Partners, LLC is a team of corporate, legal, and financial professionals. The companys primary focus is our Legal Fee Practice program a program we have developed aimed at the evaluation and control of legal fees and expenses, the analysis/audit of legal bills, and the providing of expert testimony on the...

  • Accountability Services Inc

    Expert Testimony on Reasonable Legal Fees

    853 Broadway
    Suite 1607
    Manhattan, New York
    Phone: (212) 245-0245
  • Grant D. Stiefel, Esq.

    Legal Fee and Law Firm Billing Expert Witness

    6709 La Tijera Boulevard, Suite 250
    Los Angeles, California
    Phone: (424) 738-0050
  • James E. King

    Attorney Fee Disputes, Legal Malpractice & Legal Ethics - Expert Witness

    11440 West Bernardo Court
    Suite 300
    San Diego, California
    Phone: (858) 753-1737
  • Legal Fee Advisors

    Legal Fee Expert Witness

    44 West 28th Street
    8th Floor
    Manhattan, New York
    Phone: (877) 664-0020
  • Right-Tasking Consulting Services

    Legal Resource Optimization - Law Department Consultant

    2304 Westover Road
    Austin, Texas
    Phone: (512) 777-2727
  • Sterling Analytics Group

    Legal Fee Expert Witness

    135 Crossways Park Drive
    Woodbury, New York
    Phone: (646) 863-9433

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