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Ko & Martin

Ko & Martin

California - Serving: All States and Worldwide

Phone (213) 999-7848

Legal Translation, Interpretation and Litigation Support Services

Ko & Martin is a language service group that offers a broad array of language services. We are certified court interpreters for trials, depositions, arbitrations, mediations, witness preparations, attorney-client consultation and provide certified translation of documents. We are also highly qualified simultaneous...

All Language Alliance, Inc.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Legal Translation Services for Attorneys, Lawyers, Corporate Legal Departments, Legal Professionals

Phone (303) 470-9555

Legal language translation company All Language Alliance, Inc. is a provider of legal document translation services, including certified legal translation of sensitive documents, multilingual e-Discovery translation, medical translation and interpreting services, technical translations, business...

Dhaval J. Brahmbhatt

San Jose, California

Patent Litigation Expert Witness in IC Memory, Analog IC & Modules

Phone (408) 561-1594

Dhaval J. Brahmbhatt is an expert witness in semiconductor memory and modules with a focus on Flash NVM, DRAM, SRAM and analog circuitry. ITC, PTAB, US District Court and State Court experience in excess of 15 years. Deposition, Trial, report writing, and prior art search expertise. Awarded 11 US...

American Language Services

Los Angeles, California

Worldwide, Legal, Translating, Interpreting, Transcription and Litigation Support Services

Phone (800) 951-5020 or (310) 829-0741

American Language Services (ALS) is a premier worldwide provider of languages services for over a Quarter of a Century. We support over 200 languages for written translations, verbal interpreting, transcriptions, litigation support; we are available worldwide, 24 hours, 7 days a week. We offer top...

Korean Translation Group

Manhattan, New York

Korean Language Experts - Professional Korean Interpretation & Translation

Phone (800) 615-5190 or (212) 252-8447

Korean Translation Group is one of the leading Korean language translation and interpretation companies in the U.S. With a rarefied network of rigorously selected professional Korean translators and Korean interpreters in the U.S. and Korea, we provide court-certified interpreters for depositions,...

Selland Translation & Consulting

Belmont, California

Japanese Translation & Interpreting

Phone (650) 802-8314

Selland Translation & Consulting specializes in Japanese translation and interpreting. Our focus on Japanese allows us to provide only the highest expertise in Japanese language services, as well as years of experience and knowledge of Japanese business culture. Owned and operated by partners...

Yasuko Kawakami - Legal Translator in Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

Japanese/English Deposition Translator

Phone (808) 955-5257

English to Japanese/Japanese to English Translation and Interpretation Services.

Haard Translating Services

Miami, Florida

Certified Language Interpreters/Translators for Trials, Depositions, Hearings

Phone (305) 350 7820

Haard Translating Services philosophy: ; "Since the dawning of humanness, with sound or mark, civilizations have strived to communicate. We know the importance of leaving behind only the imprint of a job well done; understanding by all is our goal."; "We make it easy for you"

Angela Jacobson Associates

Manhattan, New York

Linguistic and Translation Expert

Phone (212) 517-3445

Angela Jacobson Associates specializes in German/English, resp. English/German translation as well as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services. Specialization: Legal, financial, business, annual reports, depositions. Angela Jacobson has served as a language and translation expert witness.

Sonia Atkins

Atlanta, Georgia

French & Arabic Interpreter

Phone (770) 256-5134

I am certified as a court interpreter through the Administrative Office of the Courts of The Georgia Commission on Interpreters AOC, a division of the Supreme Court of Georgia which is in a consortium with 39 other states in which I am also certified to interpret. I am the first and only certified...

Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, LLC

Porter Ranch, California

Forensic Audit Services

Phone (818) 836-1291

Bekker Compliance Consulting Partners, LLC (BCCP) is a full-service consulting and training firm that specializes in providing customized global solutions to the financial services industry. BCCP is also actively engaged in global financial sector modernization, private sector development, and...

Certified Legal Translations

Salt Lake City, Utah

Translation Experts. Legal, Business and Technical Documents

Phone 1.877.679.4278

Certified Legal Translations has been assisting law firms, courts, and businesses with translation of documents that range from simple correspondence in a foreign language to document discovery and technical and patent document translation since 2001. We have a large network of certified language...

Translation Aces, Inc.

Manhattan, New York

Legal Translation Expert Witness

Phone (212) 269-4660

Temple Translations Inc.

Manhattan, New York

Legal Translation and Interpreting Services

Phone (212) 867-4545

Temple Translations is a specialist legal, financial and commercial translation company based in New York and London.

Legal Language Services

Manhattan, New York

Legal Translation, Transcription and Interpreting Services

Phone (212) 766-4111

Legal Language Services (LLS) facilitates the use of the law across linguistic and political boundaries. For more than 20 years, LLS has assisted in the successful conclusion of tens of thousands of legal proceedings.; With multiple locations in the United States and affiliates around the world,...

Langalo Inc.

Manhattan, New York

Legal Translation & Forensic Linguistics

Phone (646) 867-1988

Langalo’s business is to help individuals and corporations achieve higher productivity by servicing all the areas in which language and law intersect.; We provide multilingual legal translation services. We also offer forensic linguistics services (expert linguists) to support criminal and civil...

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