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Istvan Jonyer, PhD, MBA - Sidespin Group

Istvan Jonyer, PhD, MBA - Sidespin Group

California - Serving: All States

Phone (818) 814-8851

Software, Networking, Smart TV, Machine Learning Expert Witness

Dr. Jonyer has over 35 years of experience is computer science, and is an expert in networking, telecommunications, smart TVs, smartphones, machine learning, computer software, Internet, cloud, and web technologies.
Areas of Expertise
• Networking and Telecommunications: Mobile...

Eric D. Brown, D.Sc.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Machine Learning, Data Science, and Software Expert Witness

Phone (918) 505-9644

I am an expert in the areas of machine learning, data science, big data, knowledge management and decision support as well as a general practitioner in all areas of Information Technology. I provide assistance in the form of background consulting for law firms across the US. I have a doctorate in...

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