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ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services

ForensisGroup Expert Witness Services
California - Serving: All States and International Services

Phone (626) 795-5000

Select Group of Forensic Business, Construction, Engineering, Medical, Scientific Expert Witnesses

For over 25 years, ForensisGroup has provided the nationís top law firms, insurance agencies, government entities and many other industries with highly qualified expert witnesses and consultants. Our success in placing experts in over 10,000 cases begins with our selective screening process. For our own internal...

Expert Aviation Consulting, LLC

Expert Aviation Consulting, LLC
Indiana - Serving: U.S. and International

Phone (877) 450-8774

Aviation Consulting and Expert Witness Services

Expert Aviation Consulting LLC provides the services of experts with years of experience in most areas of aviation. Our team includes currently working professionals and recently retired professionals that are up-to-date on the latest procedures and regulations. Our team thrives on excellence. Expert Aviation...

GEO Associates

GEO Associates
Texas - Serving: All States

Phone (936) 257-1633

Forensic Geosciences Litigation Support

GEO Associates provides litigation support services and expert witness testimony for civil and criminal investigations and insurance industry cases (both plaintiff and defendant) that involve Groundwater Pollution and Data Analysis, Forensic Geology and Geophysics, Hydrology Modeling, and Forensic Meteorology...

MET Associates

MET Associates
Texas - Serving: All States

Phone (936) 257-1633

Forensic Meteorology & Air Dispersion Modeling Expert Witness & Litigation Support Services

MET Associates provides litigation support services and expert witness testimony for civil and criminal investigations and insurance industry cases that involve Air Quality Modeling, Forensic Meteorology and Weather Event Re-Construction. MET's Air Modeling expertise, combined with their advanced knowledge of...

Consolidated Consultants Co.

Consolidated Consultants Co.
California - Serving: All States, International

Phone (800) 683-9847

Free Expert Witness & Medical Expert Witness Referrals Nationwide

Consolidated Consultants, or CCc as it is widely known, is a national referral service for both the expert witness and medical expert fields. We have thousands of expert witnesses, as well as medical experts, in our directory. We are focused on providing complimentary first-rate referrals of expert witnesses and...

  • AccuWeather, Inc.

    Meteorological Expert Witness

    385 Science Park Rd
    State College, Pennsylvania
    Phone: (814) 235-8626
  • Atmospheric Information Services

    Meteorological & Environmental Consultant

    1 Egmont Court
    Delmar, New York
    Phone: (518) 265-4154
  • Captain John Manders & Associates, Inc.

    Marine, Offshore, Diving, Metocean Consultants

    19408 Slemmer Road
    Covington, Louisiana
    Phone: (985) 892-7711
  • Chris Orr LLC

    Meteorological and Climate Expert Witness

    2113 6th Avenue
    Rapid City, South Dakota
    Phone: (605) 939-0677
  • Clark Consulting

    Forensic Meteorology / Weather Reconstruction

    509 Newark Street
    Aurora, Colorado
    Phone: (303) 364-3622
  • Climatological Consulting Corporation

    Forensic Meteorology & Applied Climatology Expert Witness

    7338 155th Place North
    Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
    Phone: (561) 744-4889
  • CompuWeather

    Nationwide Leader in Forensic Weather Analysis

    2566 Route 52
    Hopewell Junction, New York
    Phone: (800) 825-4445
  • DBS Weather Impact Corp

    Weather and climate expert forensic services

    P. O. Box 935
    N. Chelmsford, Massachusetts
    Phone: (888) 422-8844
  • Dr. R. Standler

    Scientific Evidence in Torts Involving Technology

    P.O. Box 3780
    Concord, New Hampshire
    Phone: (603) 225-0218
  • Edward Aguado, Ph.D.

    Weather and Climate Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services

    Department of Geography
    San Diego State University
    San Diego, California
    Phone: (619) 405-8069
  • Environmental Litigation Associates

    Industrial Health & Safety Litigation Services

    1810 Elmen Street
    Houston, Texas
    Phone: (713) 807-0021
  • Expert Weather Investigations (EWI)

    Forensic Meteorology & Climatology Expert Witnesses

    450 Seventh Ave., Ste. 1308
    Manhattan, New York
    Phone: (212) 594-3348
  • Fair Skies Consulting

    Meteorological Expert Witness

    W257 S4455 Shadow Ridge Drive
    Waukesha, Wisconsin
    Phone: (262) 271-3519
  • Forensic Meteorology Associates, Inc.

    Meteorological and Environmental Consultant

    46050 Weld County Road 13
    Ft. Collins, Colorado
    Phone: (970) 568-7664
  • Forensic Weather Consultants

    Forensic Weather Expert Witness

    PO Box 13353
    Abany, New York
    Phone: (518) 229-8846
  • Genesis Weather Solutions, LLC

    Forensic Meteorology - Weather Reconstruction for the legal and insurance industry

    10630 Braselton Street
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
    Phone: (303) 927-6522
  • Golden Gate Weather Services

    Meteorological and Climate Expert Witness

    PO Box 3071
    Saratoga, California
    Phone: (408) 379-7500
  • Greg MacMaster

    Forensic Weather Sevices, Meteorological & Environmental Consultant

    3953 Emily Lane
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Phone: (231) 938-8957
  • MetLoop

    Meteorological Expert Witness

    100 Pamela Ann Drive
    Fort Walton Beach, Florida
    Phone: (850) 362-7703
  • MetStat, Inc.

    Legal and Insurance Industry Forensic Meteorology Services

    2950 E Harmony Road
    Suite 392
    Fort Collins, Colorado
    Phone: (970) 460-6401
  • MVA Scientific Consultants

    Focused on the Science of Small Things

    3300 Breckinridge Boulevard
    Suite 400
    Duluth, Georgia
    Phone: (770) 662-8509
  • My Aviation Expert, LLC

    Aviation Expert Witness

    8964 Lloyd Place
    Los Angeles, California
    Phone: (888) 822 5953
  • Paul Heppner

    Meteorological Forensic Expert Witness

    154 Carlton Avenue
    Marlton, New Jersey
    Phone: (856) 596-2372
  • Robson Forensic, Inc.

    National Multidiscipline Forensic Experts Firm

    Corporate HQ
    354 North Prince Street
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Phone: (800) 813-6736
  • Soil Water Air Protection Enterprise

    Environmental Modeling, Chemical Risk and Exposure Assessment Expert

    2656 29th Street, Ste 201
    Santa Monica, California
    Phone: (310) 452-5555
  • Stockdale Energy Company

    Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

    P.O. Box 868
    Bakersfield, California
    Phone: (661) 809-3745
  • Talbott Associates, Inc.

    Metallurgy & Failure Analysis Expert Witness

    7 Southeast 97th Avenue
    Portland, Oregon
    Phone: (503) 256-3852
  • Timothy Wright

    Expert Witness Meteorologist and Professional Environmental Scientist

    164 W 100 N
    Logan, Utah
    Phone: (801) 660-5710
  • Water Resources Consulting Services, Inc. (WRCS)

    Water Resources Engineering - Hydrology & Hydraulics Expert Witness Services

    112 Tesori Drive
    P.O. Box 13837
    Palm Desert, California
    Phone: (760) 895-4411
  • Weather Decision Technologies

    Meteorological Forensics and Reconstruction Services

    1818 W Lindsey St
    Building D, Suite 208
    Norman, Oklahoma
    Phone: 405-579-7675
  • Weather or Not Consulting, LLC

    Forensic Meteorologist - National / International

    6575 NW Pacific Coast Highway
    Seal Rock, Oregon
    Phone: (541) 961-7696
  • Weather Research Center

    Meteorological Consultant

    5104 Caroline ST.
    Houston, Texas
    Phone: (713) 529-3076
  • WeatherMark LLC

    Forensic Meteorologist Consulting and Expert Witness Services in Past Weather Data

    23 Salem Drive
    Scarsdale, New York
    Phone: (914) 777-1729
  • Climet Systems

    Forensic and Applied Climatology Services

    565 Rourke Place
    Newmarket, Canada
    Phone: 905-954-193

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