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Trace Digital Forensics, LLC

Trace Digital Forensics, LLC
California - Serving: All States.

Phone (209) 769-2370

Computer and Mobile Forensics Expert

Mr. Alexander has nineteen years of experience in information technology, including experience as a programmer, network engineer, IT director, and IT security director. He has examined dozens of computers and mobile devices in response to computer misuse investigations, security incidents, and e-discovery requests. He...

  • Chase Technology Consulting, LLC

    Computer and Mobile Forensic Expert Witness

    145 S. 6th Ave
    Tucson, Arizona
    Phone: (520) 477-2767
  • DeliveredDATA, LLC

    Computer Forensic Expert Witness

    2465 Mercer Avenue
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    Phone: (561) 602-DATA
  • One Source Discovery

    Computer Forensics Expert and Software Expert - Expert Witness

    4322 Robards Lane
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Phone: (502) 409-5911

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