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Terrance Vaisvilas, MD, JD

Terrance Vaisvilas, MD, JD
Illinois - Serving: All States

Phone (312) 550-9738

Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Expert Witness

Terrance Vaisvilas, MD, JD is a Board Certified practicing anesthesiologist available for consultation, case review, report preparation and expert witness testimony in matters involving anesthesiology including anesthesia malpractice, including pre, intra and/or post-operative complications, operating room policy and...

  • Dr. James A. Cain, III, MD, P.A.

    Diagnostic andInterventional Radiology Expert Witness and Trial Testimony Services

    3303 Audley
    Houston, Texas
    Phone: (713) 468-8759
  • Gary Martinovsky, M.D.

    Pain Management Expert Witness and Litigation Support Services

    2299 Post St., Suite 211
    San Francisco, California
    Phone: (510) 621-3379
  • Ken Grosslight

    Anesthesiologist with Law Degree, Expert Witness, Consultant

    80 Olentangy Point
    Columbus, Ohio
    Phone: (803) 351-5600

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