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GEO Associates

GEO Associates
Texas - Serving: All States

Phone (936) 257-1633

Forensic Geosciences Litigation Support

GEO Associates provides litigation support services and expert witness testimony for civil and criminal investigations and insurance industry cases (both plaintiff and defendant) that involve Groundwater Pollution and Data Analysis, Forensic Geology and Geophysics, Hydrology Modeling, and Forensic Meteorology...

  • Alliance Forensics Laboratory, Inc.

    Firearms & Ballistics Expert Witness

    6058 East Lancaster Ave.
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Phone: (817) 228-6526
  • Anderson Engineering of New Prauge Inc

    Fire and Accident Investigations for Electrical Cause and Origin

    20526 330th St
    New Prague, Minnesota
    Phone: (800) 893-4047
  • Bartlett Forensic Consultants LTD

    Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

    P.O. Box 536
    Crete, Illinois
    Phone: (708) 372-2430
  • CorrConsult

    Corrosion Failure Analysis and Litigation Support

    55 Constitution Street
    Ashland, Massachusetts
    Phone: (617) 320-9111
  • Dean A. Wideman, MSc, MBA, CFC, CMI-III, DABFE

    Forensic DNA Consultant, Bloodstain Pattern Analyst and Expert Witness

    12734 Cimarron Path
    San Antonio, Texas
    Phone: (210) 336-7285
  • Donan Engineering Co., Inc.

    Accident Reconstruction Specialists

    11321 Plantside Drive
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Phone: (502) 267-6936
  • Dr. Mitchell Holland

    Forensic DNA Consultants

    6500 Mckee Way
    Manassas, Virginia
    Phone: (571) 276-4483
  • Environmental Litigation Associates

    Industrial Health & Safety Litigation Services

    1810 Elmen Street
    Houston, Texas
    Phone: (713) 807-0021
  • FoCoSS Forensics

    Forensic Comparative Science Specialists, LLC

    P.O. Box 604
    Concord, New Hampshire
    Phone: (603) 568-2668
  • Forensic 4 N 6 Consultants

    Forensic Science Consultant

    403 North W St.
    Pensacola, Florida
    Phone: (850) 433-3472
  • Forensic Weather Consultants

    Forensic Weather Expert Witness

    PO Box 13353
    Abany, New York
    Phone: (518) 229-8846
  • Forensics Guy Inc.

    Forensic Firearms and DUI Testing and Consulting Expert

    PO Box 93568
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Phone: (480) 229-1270
  • Genesis Weather Solutions, LLC

    Forensic Meteorology - Weather Reconstruction for the legal and insurance industry

    10630 Braselton Street
    Highlands Ranch, Colorado
    Phone: (303) 927-6522
  • GeoConSol, Inc.

    Geotechnical & Engineering in Underground Construction

    17 Everett Street
    Sherborn, Massachusetts
    Phone: (508) 650-3600
  • Global Digital Forensics

    Computer Forensic Expert Witness

    1500 Broadway
    Manhattan, New York
    Phone: (212) 561-5860
  • Global Security Services, LLC

    Security Consultants

    877 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
    Suite 310
    Severna Park, Maryland
    Phone: (410) 315-8902
  • Govatos Consulting

    Forensic Engineering, Accident Reconstruction, Highway Design and Safety

    P.O. Box 60
    235 Conestoga Street
    Charlestown, Maryland
    Phone: (302) 478-7000
  • Greg MacMaster

    Forensic Weather Sevices, Meteorological & Environmental Consultant

    3953 Emily Lane
    Traverse City, Michigan
    Phone: (231) 938-8957
  • High Tech Experts

    Computer Forensic & Technology Litigation Support

    120 S Denton Tap Rd #161
    Coppell, Texas
    Phone: (214) 390-0020
  • Integrated Forensic Laboratories

    Full-Service, Independent, and Accredited Forensic Laboratory

    901 Clinic Dr. Suite D110
    Euless, Texas
    Phone: (817) 553-6565
  • J.E.I. Metallurgical, Inc.

    Product Liability and Failure Analysis Metallurgical Expert Witness

    5514 Harbor Town
    Dallas, Texas
    Phone: (972) 934-0493
  • Midwest Computer Forensic Labs

    Computer Forensic Laboratory Services

    P.O. Box 10454
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Phone: (319) 540-2707
  • MVA Scientific Consultants

    Focused on the Science of Small Things

    3300 Breckinridge Boulevard
    Suite 400
    Duluth, Georgia
    Phone: (770) 662-8509
  • Paul Goldstein, Ph.D.

    Forensic Science, DNA and Toxicology Services - Expert Witness

    816 Agua Caliente Dr.
    El Paso, Texas
    Phone: (915) 276-1910
  • Robson Forensic, Inc.

    National Multidiscipline Forensic Experts Firm

    Corporate HQ
    354 North Prince Street
    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
    Phone: (800) 813-6736
  • Ronald R. Scott

    Forensic Ballistics and Firearms Consultant

    37881 N 10th St
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Phone: (623) 465-0580
  • Sam Powers

    SAP FICO, HR, Oracle DBA, Kronos Time and Payroll Management

    2118 24th Street
    Astoria, New York
    Phone: (212) 748-9324
  • Wayne Roth-Nelson, MSTM, PhD, DABFE, FACFEI

    Expert Witness Environmental Toxicology & Epidemiology

    801 Confidence Drive
    Unit 20
    Longmont, Colorado
    Phone: (303) 485-8305

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