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Realmark, Inc.

Realmark, Inc.


Phone (925) 200-5032

Real Estate Expert Witness

Realmark, Inc., a full-service real estate company, offers commercial property management, residential property management, brokerage, expert witness, lease administration, project management, advisory, and more. Madeline Serafin is the CEO and president of the company.

Expert R/E Witness: Robert Kehiayan, CPM

Dana Point, California

Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness in Orange County, California

Phone (949) 443-3030

Robert Kehiayan, CPM® has over 30 years of diverse real estate experience. Currently, Robert is an independent Asset manager, property manager, leasing agent, real estate expert witness, and brokerage representative for select clients in Texas and California. He oversees between $20,000,000 and...

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