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Because we take pride in what we do, provide great services at low cost, and put every effort in increasing the Internet visibility of our customers, we wanted to share a selection of testimonials showing how advertising on could bring you great results as well.

User Testimonials

  • Dear,
    In one year's time, we received 63 referrals from your site. Thanks again and keep up the great work with the directory!
    Internet Consultant

  • My last three callers referenced
    Certified Nurse Life Care Planner

  • I've gotten three calls in TWO days all from HGExperts! I am so pleased that I was advised to list with you.
    Construction Expert Witness

  • Thank you very much for taking care of this and for responding on a weekend and a national holiday, to boot. I subscribe to a number of online expert witness directories, but when ask callers where they got my name they invariably say HGExperts.
    Finance Expert Witness

  • I am extremely pleased with your service. I am listed with several sites, and yours is not only reasonable but productive. I have had more responses from you folks than anyone thanks to your high ranking in the search engines. I will not hesitate to renew.
    Physician Consultant

  • I just renewed online I think you do offer excellent positioning, and service. I'm continuously impressed by HG - Thanks!!
    Psychiatry Expert Witness

  • Interestingly enough, I received a call from an attorney in FL who expressly indicated she had found my name in your directory. Thank you for your service.
    Consultant Pharmacist

  • I have downloaded the renewal invoice and will mail a check to you in a couple of days. Your service has worked well for me and I will renew.
    Forensic Accounting

  • I just had to let you know that hgexperts have been “great” to work with. Thanks for the info.
    Emergency Expert Witness

  • Just a note to say that HG Experts is sending inquiries my way. I've had several inquiries this year, then one yesterday and another today.
    A Security Expert

  • I listed with you a few days ago and I just got my first call from an attorney in New Mexico
    Police Procedure Expert Witness

  • Thank you also for your great efforts on my behalf with your web-based expert witness directory. It has been a tremendous help over the years and I very much appreciate it.
    Toxicology Expert Witness

  • Thank you Anne it was good speaking with you today. FYI after our conversation and you made the changes I received a case in which the attorney googled in life care planner and it took him straight to He said “your name was at the top and we liked your CV and we think you will fit the case.” Advertising is wonderful. Thanks again for your prompt service. It really paid off today.
    A Life Care Planner

  • We know of the quality of having in our marketing circle and we also recommend always.
    Investigative Consultants

  • I want to thank you for the very prompt and efficient upgrading of my listing; I also appreciate the editing access.

  • The HG directory is working really good for our firm, at a fraction of the cost of other directories.

  • We were absolutely satisfied with the services you have supplied to us, that is why, we would like to renew our listing for this year as well. This listing has been quite productive for me. I've had 7 contacts from this site in the last year.
    A Private Investigator

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