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How to Properly Vet Expert Witnesses

This guide will discuss how to determine if your expert witness is properly qualified for the case and if he or she is likely to elicit credibility in the courtroom. It will also discuss potential weaknesses the expert witness presents, such as finding information that would discredit the expert witness or pose a conflict of interest. This guide will assist you in completing due diligence in your search and retention of an expert witness.

  • How Your Expert Witness Can Withstand a Daubert Challenge

    When a Daubert challenge is presented in opposition to an expert witness, his or her entire testimony may be excluded from being giving in court. The time, energy and money spent in hiring the individual would be lost if the challenge succeeds, and without seeking additional support, the case may be weakened by this action.

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  • Inconsistent Prior Testimony of Expert Witness: Effect on Case

    When an expert witness is giving testimony, it is important to ensure everything is consistent and well prepared for the case. However, if the testimony is inconsistent when presented initially and then there are changes noticed in the information, it is possible this could harm the case of the plaintiff when he or she is noted as explaining different things.

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  • Motions for a Daubert Challenge of an Expert Witness

    It is important to succeed in a Daubert challenge when the expert witness may face disqualification and knowing what types of motions are possible may increase the possibility of a positive outcome to the challenge. It is essential to first identify when the challenge will happen and when the opposing legal team deems it necessary for the case.

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  • Navigating Standard Expert Witness Challenges

    Standards were set for expert testimony to be provided and admissible for court in the case of Daubert. After this, the challenges associated with testimony provided by expert witnesses are known as the Daubert Trilogy.

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  • Vetting an Expert Witness

    Vetting an expert witness is imperative for the legal team to ensure that the opposing legal counsel is not successful in a challenge with reliability and relevance to the case subject matter. Vetting generally requires understanding and looking into the expert's background, finding discrepancies in credentials, and matching the expert with the case or claim.

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