New Secrets to Success in Web site Performance

By: Margaret Grisdela is President of Legal Expert Connections, specializing in marketing and business development in the legal market and litigation support markets.  You can reach her at

Is your Web site performing at optimum levels? It’s hard to measure Internet effectiveness levels unless you have some way to monitor your Web site traffic. Help is now available in the form of Google Analytics, a free software program that gives Web site owners easy access to in-depth data on key performance factors.

Google Analytics features an easy-to-use control panel and your choice of reports designed for the marketer, webmaster or executive. You get real-time data on critical variables, including:

  • Keywords that drive traffic to your site
  • Referring Web sites (like HG Experts)
  • Visitor counts by day, week or month
  • Global geographic mapping of site visitors
  • New vs. returning Web site prospects

The “site overlay” feature superimposes a small counter box over navigation links on one of your webpages, giving you a visual count of click-throughs and traffic patterns. You can easily see how visitors navigate your site with this data, as well as common exit pages.

Google Analytics is fully integrated with Google AdWords, so you will be able to quickly identify those keywords that deliver the best results for you.

It’s Easy to Sign Up for Google Analytics

You need a Google account to access Google Analytics. If you do not currently have a Google account, sign up online at:

If you are already using Google AdWords (which we highly recommend), your Google user name and password will give you access to the Analytics sign-in page at:

Download Google Analytics Code for your Web Pages

When you set up your Google Analytics account, you will be prompted to indicate the URL for the Web site that you want to track. Google will then generate about 5 lines of HTML code that you need to add to every page on your Web site (or just those pages that you want to monitor). You can do this yourself with basic HTML skills, or ask your webmaster to help you.

Once your Google script is installed on your webpages, Google Analytics goes to work and starts tracking a wealth of information about your Web site traffic.

Start Today for Revenue-Generating Online Leads

The knowledge you gain about your Internet prospects will help you streamline your Web site design, focus on stronger keywords and capture more expert witness assignments. Why wait?

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Margaret Grisdela is President of Legal Expert Connections, specializing in marketing and business development in the legal and litigation support markets. She served as the 2005 President of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. You can reach her at

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