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For  $295/year, your profile will appear on an authoritative website. for Expert Witnesses , with a full Premium Listing, 

Comprehensive Description - Include a detailed description of your business, expert witness services, bio, education, picture, and more. 

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Searchable Directories - Our Directories are fully searchable by area of expertise, name and location, and words in your Listing.

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Free Leads - Many visitors come to looking for assistance with an issue. When they do not find an expert themselves or are not sure of what kind of expert they need, they contact to help them find legal assistance. This complimentary Premium service includes reviewing each lead for merit and forwarding the possible cases to experts.

Complimentary Editorial Service - Our team will help edit your Premium Listing. They are SEO trained and will choose the right keywords to promote your expertise.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or technical support to create your Listing.  

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